Hi my name is Zoie. Thank you for checking out my art. 
I'm a senior at Soundview Academy junior high school in the Bronx. I'm a self taught artist and I love working with graphite, watercolor & ink, acrylic paint, and colored pencil. Portraits are what I like to spend the most time working on.
Growing up in a super creative family I am drawn to all sorts of art and always have many projects going on at once. I love art supplies and trying new techniques - I'm always looking for new ways to create things. Art is for sure how I express my feelings and point of view. 
Loving art means you're never bored. Art is powerful! 
Remote learning has given us all the gift of more time on our hands:) When I'm not on Google classroom or working on my portfolio I'm creating fun little projects for my Etsy store. The possibilities are endless! 
Below is my art studio where all the magic happens!
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